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Fire Damage Repair

Our team of Fire Damage Restoration Specialists offer a 24hrs a day, 7 days a week emergency call-out & care service to repair your property and any of your possessions that have been damaged by fire.

Working in conjunction with all major insurance companies, loss adjusters and assessors and surveyors, our mission is simple:

  1. To repair as many of your possessions that have been damaged by fire as possible
  2. To prevent any undamaged possessions from becoming secondary damage
  3. To minimise the amount you need to claim from insurers
  4. To get you living back comfortably in your home as soon as possible
  5. To get your business back up and running as soon as possible

Assessing the damage and prioritising the work

With most fires there is a large amount of work to be carried out in the initial stages. It is therefore essential that our Fire Damage Restoration Specialists prioritise the work in the first few hours to ensure that we limit the secondary damage. The most convenient way we do this is carry out a triage assessment:

  1. Items in need of urgent attention to prevent secondary damage
  2. Items that are beyond restoration
  3. Items not at immediate risk of further damage

Of course we must make sure that any urgent action we take is cost affective – some items may be at risk of further damage but have low replacement value.
We also as a matter of importance to take photos and document for insurance purposes.

Preventing damage from corrosive gasses and acids after a fire

After a fire, the debris can be rich in hydrochloric acids resulting in corrosive gasses. This poses a threat of secondary damage to possessions which can be damaged by rusting and oxidation. Some fires can also conduct electricity Acidic residues and carbon deposits (particles of incomplete combustion) which again can corrode your possessions if not dealt with correctly.

To determine if your property is at risk from corrosive gasses and acids, our Fire Damage Restoration Specialists carry out a test for chloride levels. If there is a corrosion risk, any of your electronics will be particularly vulnerable to damage from the acidic fire residues, so we will take the appropriate measures to protect them.

For example, by controlling the humidity we will significantly reduce such corrosion. This helps us to save as many of your contents as possible and to slow the secondary damage to your building while we await approval from your insurers.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Specialists are based in Kent, South East of the UK and work across Southern UK from Kent to London to Surrey, Sussex and Essex.

24hrs emergency line 7 days a week 0800 5999 009
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