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Damp & Mould Repair

Our team of Mould Removal and Damp Repair Specialists restore homes, properties and possessions that have been damaged by mould, damp, wet rot, dry rot, woodworm, rising damp, penetrating damp and leaks in roofs, windows and doors.

Mould and Damp Removal
Regency Restoration Mould and Damp Removal Specialists have had years of experience in dealing with all types of mould damage, including:

  1. Bathroom mould and cupboard mould
  2. Mould on walls and mould in carpets
  3. Black and toxic mould

From major incidents such as multiple properties damaged by black & toxic mould to minor outbreaks in bathrooms and cupboards, we operate professional mould removal services, bio-hazard recovery, and damage management for both commercial and domestic properties.

All of our specialist technicians are trained in mould remediation services, bio-hazard recovery and damage management incidents. Call us on 0800 5999 009 to talk direct to one of our Specialists.

Damp repair

Dampness and moisture left untreated can cause serious problems in homes and commercial properties. Our Damp Repair Specialists have many years’ experience dealing with all types of damp, from drying out and repairing the damaged areas to identifying the source of the damp and taking steps to ensure that it does not return.

Drying out the damp and repairing damaged possessions and fittings

Depending on the severity of the damp, we may install dehumidifiers and air movers to start the drying program. Where possible, we always aim to repair possessions and fittings that have been damaged by the damp. If the damage is too extreme (e.g. corroded nails, screws and iron fittings, rotting timber and structures) we replace with new fittings.

Causes and preventions of damp

There are many sources of damp, including:

  1. Rising damp
  2. Penetrating damp
  3. Condensation
  4. Leaks in roof, windows and doors
  5. Faulty guttering and drainage

Once our Damp Repair Specialists have identified the source of damp in your property, it is possible to take measures to ensure it does not return.
For example:

  1. Your roof gutters, down pipes & drains should be clear, with no obstructions, leaks or overflows.
  2. Ground levels should be well below the damp-proof course (DPC).
  3. All air vents should be free from obstruction.
  4. All external brickwork, pointing and rendering should be watertight

Our Mould and Damp Repair Specialists are based in Kent, South East of the UK and work across Southern UK from Kent to London to Surrey, Sussex and Essex.

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